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Str. Parc Industriel Sud - Groissiat
France, 01100 Oyonnax

Hot Runner Control Systems
S.I.S.E. is the strong leader of the French market (60% of Market share) with probably the widest range of control products from any manufacturer worldwide, and demonstrate a very high reputation since more than 30 years thanks to the reliability and the quality of its products.

Sequential Molding Control
S.I.S.E has pioneered this new way of injection molding mainly dedicated to large automotive parts (Bumpers, dash-board, ...) and shows today a world leader position with more than 450 systems delivered all around the world.

Water & Oil Mould Temperature Controllers
With the acquisition of the French PARMILLEUX in 2003, S.I.S.E. shows today one of the widest range of mould temperature controllers, offering heating power from de 6 to 200 kW and temperature from 95° to 160°C (Water) and up to 350°C (Oil). S.I.S.E. manufactures also special skids on customer specifications and is one of the world leader in Very High temperature & Very High Pressure applications with its dedicated TPC range (Low Voltage Electrically Heated Process Tube).

Production Monitoring Systems - Cyclades
Thanks to its deep expertise in both industrial electronics and the plastics processing industry, S.I.S.E. developed Real Time Production Monitoring Systems since 1981. The latest evolution of CYCLADES, working under Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, allows supervision of all type of machines (cycled & non-cycled, manual assembly, ...) and demonstrates Cyclades efficiency not only for the plastic injection molding industry but for discrete components production in general.