Rutil S.r.L.

Injection moulding machines, compression presses, extruders, gear pumps, strainers and batch-off lines for rubber and TPE processing

Address details:

Str. Via S. Lucio 67
Italy, 21050 Lonate Ceppino (VA)

Rutil is a supplier capable to cooperate with the rubber industry thanks to the technologies developed and supplied. A fully dedicated company, including a special division to design injection molds is at customers' disposal.

Rutil exports the major part of its production and supports the customers with localized technical assistance service all over the world. Customers can get maximum support from us thanks to Rutil's syster company specialized in automation for presses, mold design and custom made applications.

Our product range can be resumed in the following:

Injection molding machines for rubber
Injection molding machines for plastic (TPE)
Compression molding machines
Extruders and gear pumps
Screeners and preformers
Curing and cooling lines
Turnkey projects
Custom made applications