a distributor of thermoplastic resins: PEBD, PEBDL, PEMD, PEAD, PP, PVC, Wire & Cable products, TPU and much more

Address details:

Str. Estrada do Corredor 250 Pirituba
Brazil, 02992-210 Sao Paulo

Resinet was founded in April 1999 as the result of the entrepreneur's vision and experience of its partners who have more than 40 years of experience in renowned companies that are leaders in the thermoplastics market.

Resinet decided to participate in the distribution market for Raw Materials with the objective of offering not only quality, but also new solutions and a philosophy of "Purchasing and Selling" anywhere in the world in order to supply their clients.

Resinet is one of the largest Distributors in Brazil. With one of the most complete portfolios of thermoplastic resins Resinet sells products to the largest chemical and petrochemicals companies in the world. Resinet is headquartered in Sao Paulo where the main warehouse is located with storage capacity for 10.000 Mton. Additional warehouses are located in Curitiba (Parana State) with storage capacity of 2.500 Mton and Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul State) with storage capacity of 1.000 Mton.


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