Replast Ltd.


Address details:

Str. Nezavisimost 11
Bulgaria, 7000 Rouse

1. Polypropylene copolymer pieces of automobile batteries. The material is washed and does not contain acids and lead. It has impurities of rubber and LDPE around 2%. The coarseness is 8-10 sm. monthly deliveries of 35 t.
2. MDPE regrind . The material contains PVC and metal 0.5%. There’s 40 t available quantity.
3. Polypropylene of automobile bumpers. The material does not contain metal and rubber.
4. PP/PE of PET bottles recycled. A monthly delivery of 40 t.

The above materials are packed in big bags of 300-400 kg. The prices include the delivery to your warehouse.
In case you’re interested in any of the above materials do not hesitate to contact me. Тhank you.