Reimotec Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH

REIMOTEC specialises in the develop-ment and manufacture of lines for the production of strapping tapes from PP and PET.

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Str. Im Steinboehl 5
Germany, D-69518 Ober-Abtsteinach

Stability, ease of handling and consistent product quality are the company's targets that allow its customers efficient production over many years. The quality of strapping tapes mainly depends on the stretching process. A reproducible, precisely adjustable stretching point can be obtained by means of the patented stretching bar. Artificial grass, bristles, tennis racket strings, fishing lines, long lines, screens, technical textiles and many more products can be produced from monofilaments made on REIMOTEC lines. From standard lines to lines tailored to specific customer require-ments, REIMOTEC offers the complete spectrum of possibilities. The basis for the final product quality begins in the spinning process. The thermally segmented spin head from REIMOTEC operates as an adjusting element in a closed-loop circuit. The monofilament tolerances are minimised by the use of in-line diameter measure-ment and gravimetric throughput control. The growing demand for PET beverage packaging opens up new potentials for recycled PET, which is of great economic interest. REIMOTEC has pushed the development of strapping tape lines suitable for tape production from PET bottle regrind. The key component of these lines is a co-rotating twin-screw extruder. The twin-screws used in reactive extrusion systems provide excellent homogeneity of the PET melt. Thus, it is possible to produce high-quality PET strapping tapes from bottle regrind.


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