Recycling concepts pte ltd.


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Str. 100 Tras street
Singapore, 440033 singapore

our company has devised Multiple Shredding
System (MSS) in single machine for different plastics (PP, PET, LDPE, HDPE, PE etc).
Our company has fabricated heavy duty, tough shredding system with multipurpose
shaft for shredding different types of plastics. In the same machine, with very simple
change of the shafts, one can shredd plastics of different grades- As more & more plastic is being used per head per day in different forms, proper
recycling programmes have been encouraged by the authorities.We have develop ed smarter machines for the future requirements.
Our machines are tough, durable, economical, simple for maintenance &
operations which require less space.
anyone who will invest in these units, will get faster returns due to monopolystic
advantages, also you will get raw meterials cheapet than others.
Mobile Shredding Units - We can also fabricate for you mobile units (mounted on trailers) for
shredding plastics at site, like we have got queries from municipalities of Durban &
Johanesburg for such units to be placed near the footbal stadiums during FIFA-2010
World Football Cup. These units can also be placed near universities, schools etc
for on-site shredding of PET Bottles.