RAS Sp. z o.o.

RAS Air-cooled Water Chillers - Rental, Service, Used Chillers.

Address details:

Str. Honoraty 48/15
Poland, 43-100 Tychy

Activity description

We specialise in delivering cooling devices and mobile ice skating rinks. We provide complex services within the area of Poland. We sell and rent new or used refrigeration systems; we help in choosing optimal solutions and in calculating needed cooling capacity; we assemble and disassemble and we offer service works.

Chillers' rental is an ideal solution when you experience a sudden failure of a chiller or when your chilling devices have not got enough power. In our offer, you will find a wide choice of tested devices, only of good quality.

We offer never-failing, economic and eco-friendly cooling systems - Free Cooling. They are used to cool water that can be used in industrial processes or air-conditioning systems. They work even if the outside temperature is lower than the process water.

We are the representative of the German producer Thermal GmbH who manufactures systems of high quality and high heat transfer coefficient. Our offer includes among other things:
rotary coolers
heat exchangers