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heat resistant PET bottles and closures

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Thailand, 60000 Muang

By the end of year 2003, the company was the first pioneer to launch the heat resistant PET bottles in the Thai beverage industry. With the growing market for Green Tea beverages and the success of our customer, OISHI group (a new beverage company and well-known Japanese chain restaurant public company), the demand for hot-filled PET bottles has been dramatically increased and become blooming. The company has continually invested and expanded its complete manufacturing line for heat resistant PET bottles and closures to serve the continually growing market of beverage products especially Green Teas, Sport drinks and Juices.

These containers have broadened up the market opportunity for the beverage companies, looking for a packaging which is well-suited to their customers of on-to-go life style. Thanks to the properties and characteristic of PET, unbreakable, light, transparent and topped up with the hot filling capability, the hot-filled PET bottle has opened up the new era of packaging revolution in Thailand. In the past, the packaging for hot filling applications was limited to only glass and can.


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