Polytype Ltd.

Polytype Group - The science of perfect finishing we are a worldwide network of people and ideas.

Address details:

Str. 26, rte de la Glâne P.O. Box 1184
Switzerland, CH - 1701 Freiburg

Polytype is dedicated to the science of converting/finishing. Curiosity carried us into new dimensions of packaging concepts, precisely as the vital force instills new life, creating and shaping nature’s products. And, we attentively listen to the language nature talks, to learn from it, and when searching to transform ideas in converting/finishing into economically sound and environmentally friendly solutions, we accept the guiding clues. We started 50 years ago in Fribourg, a town built along German-French language border, in the middle of multilingual Switzerland. Today, the world is our home.

We work with strong partners. Polytype is a subsidiary of the renown WIFAG organization which has a fine reputation as a manufacturer of web printing presses. Polytype continues to explore ideas and integrate experiences from our network to serve you, our customer. We now have production centers in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Asia. Polytype is a closely knit manufacturing, marketing and service network, a reliable partner that understands your language.