Polon-Izot Sp. z o.o.

industrial and laboratory thickness and grammage gauges

Address details:

Str. Michała Spisaka 31
Poland, 02-495 Warszawa

Activity description

POLON-IZOT Ltd. is a polish manufacturer of industrial and laboratory measure and control equipment. We produce equipment from the basics based on our own technical solutions. We hold Permits of the National Atomic Energy Agency Department of Radiation Protection which authorize the installation, operation, maintenance and production of the isotopic and X-ray equipment.
We develop and put into operation control systems for technological processes, metrology tools and equipment for environmental protection. As part of cooperation agreements we timely execute customer orders. We cooperate closely with the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection (Warsaw), Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Warsaw), Institute of Atomic Energy (spruce) and the Institute of Physics at University of Warsaw.
Our product range includes devices manufactured in close cooperation with the customer. Each one is individually designed and tested. Our offer includes, among others, industrial and laboratory thickness and grammage gauges. These devices are used to control material parameters in a static manner (points), or continuously by scanning. The aim of such measurements may be thickness control and its deviations from specified nominal values.
Devices offered by our company:
- industrial and laboratory thickness and grammage gauges for tapes, foils, plates and other industrial materials;
- contactless measures of density and concentration;
- stationary radiation monitors – dosimetric gates detecting radioactive contamination;
- industrial dust metres in on-line performation;
- on-line ash contamination signaling monitors;
- radionuclide contamination metres;
- early detection of contamination and industrial pollution stations.

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