PS, PET , ABS and PVC Producer

Address details:

Str. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Caddesi, 11. sok, N.1
Turkey, 41400 Kocaeli

Our PS line is based in our plant in Turkey:

►Production with German Battenfeld Machine

►Possibility to produce 2200 mm width

►Possibility to produce 1 / 6 mm thickness production

►Cut to size sheets with Maxon sizing machine

►Suitable for thermoforming

Our PVC Foam line is also based in our plant in Turkey:

►Production with Austrian/German Cincinati Machine

►Possibility to produce wit 3 dies ; 2050 mm / 1560 mm / 1220 mm

►Possibility to produce 1 / 10 mm thickness production

►Possibility to cover both sides film protection if need be

►Suitable for direct print applications