Over 25 years of experience.Producer od furniture acessories. Extrusion and injection molding plant for rent. Production of plastics parts with high technical requirements

Address details:

Str. Gogola 1
Poland, 15-166 Białystok

Pimar-Plastics is the plastics processing manufacturer using methods of plastics injection molding and extrusion.

Our main strength is more than 25 years of experience. The company was founded in 1984

We specialize in producing specialized plastics products for following industries:
-Fire Prevention

And in mass production for the following industries:
-Furniture Industry

The machine park contains:
-Injection moulders with capacity up to 800 grams shot.
-Extrudes with capacity up to 80kg/h.

The additional services we offer:
-Painting and metalization of products.
-Staining products to reference sample or RAL palette color.
-We closely cooperate with selected tooling and logistics companies.

Additionally, Pimar-Plastics provides the following services:

-A comprehensive projects solutions for plastics products from concept to finished product and production.
-Realization of prototypes for plastic products

We invite you to cooperation.