Phoenix Distribution Ltd Sp. z o.o.

Building Distribution cement board amroc xps Zentyss riverclack rivergrip and agora from company Iscom

Address details:

Str. Matejki 27
Poland, 62-200 Gniezno

Phoenix Distribution, with its headquarters in Gniezno, was established in 2011 as a result of the transformation of Fenix-Płyta, the company which operated on the Polish market since 2009 and its beginnings go back to 2004. Since that year we have started to deepen our knowledge of technical issues and numerous system solutions in the construction industry. Our company's motto says: „super quality on time” which means that apart from building materials in good prices we also sell business relations which are so indispensable in the construction industry.

Phoenix Distribution offers cooperation in the area of:

1.pitched roofs (bituminous tiles, roofing felt, membranes, XPS, PIR, mats, mineral wool - stone and glass, OSB, Amroc, ISCOM system Rivergrip, etc.),
2.flat roofs (roofing felt, TPO membranes, hard rockwool, XPS, PIR, PUR, roof accessories, ISCOM system Riverclack, etc.),
3.insulation (mats, mineral wool, membranes, PIR, PUR, XPS, styrofoam, laminated styrofoam, sandwich panels, etc.),
4.waterproofing (roofing felt, drainage membranes, geomats, erosion control netting, biomass, etc.), roofs and terraces (anti-root roofing felt, HDPE foil, XPS, drainage mats, ISCOM system Green-Roof etc.),
6.dry interior construction (drywall panels, suspended ceilings, spray plaster, cement-chipboards AMROC, etc.),
7.façade systems (ISCOM system Agora, Amroc cement-chipboards, fibreboards Cembrit and Euronit), chemistry in systems of ceramic tiles, insulation and also flooring,
9.road construction (geotextiles, geofibres, HDPE foil, HDPE extruded membranes, erosion control netting, geogrids, geomats, geocomposites, etc.),
10.other solutions indispensable for the construction (among other things: concrete block, cement, lime, precast products, wall materials, clinker brick, interior furnishings, ceramic tiles, heating and sanitary technology, flooring, etc.).

We promote the following products:

Phoenix Distribution is the sole and official representative of the German company AMROC Baustoffe GmbH – cement-chipboard. It is also the representative in Poland of the following companies:
Romania ZENTYSS SRL – extruded polystyrene
Italy ISCOM - roof systems Riverclack, Rivergrip, Rivergreen and façade system Agora
Hungary Fibrotermica Hungary Kft, - extruded polystyrene
Italy Eurofibre S.p.A – glass mineral wool
Latvia SIA Bolderaja – building board OSB
Hungary Falco Zrt. – cement-chipboard
Romania Egger – construction board OSB
Spain Aismar Poliuretanos – insulation systems PIR and PUR
and other companies known and valued by numerous customers in Europe and in the world. More information at: