Paul Craemer GmbH

Plastics processing

Address details:

Str. Brocker Straße 1
Germany, D-33442 Herzebrock-Clarholz

Our group of companies with the core business activities of metal forming, tool construction and plastics processing currently employs a workforce of 600 people in three European countries and achieved a total turnover of € 165 Million in 2008.
Our long-standing experience takes us right to the front of the market
Craemer has decades of expertise behind her.
The first plastic pallet moulded in one shot left the factory as early as 1967. Today we are the leaders of the European market and in great demand on the world market as manufacturers of plastic pallets, containers for logistics, warehousing and the waste-disposal market.

Innovation –permanently on the boards for Craemer developments
Together with our business partners and as a result of observing current market-trends we are in a permanent process of developing new products and systems for transportation, warehousing and waste-disposal. We create the technical concepts, which take shape in the hands of our construction team, and our tool construction provides the necessary moulds and forms.