PARTNERPLAST specializes in outsourcing of plastic elements for various industries and products. Thanks to cooperation with many manufacturers we are able to deliver best price and quality products optimizing purchasing process and therefore improving your company's competitiveness.

Address details:

Str. ul. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 13; lokal nr 4
Poland, 81-383 Gdynia

To meet growing demand for production cost decreasing and for diversifying supply sources PARTNERPLAST specializes in outsourcing of plastic elements for various industries and products.

The companies are more and more focusing on their core business. The successfully managed companies are aware that thanks to outsourcing they can eliminate low efficient activities and let the management energy and engineers’ knowhow focus on their basic business.

Outsourcing of plastic elements is a worldwide known concept that is followed by multinational and small size companies as well. Cooperation with PARTNERPLAST will bring significant benefits in terms of cost reduction and time saving for supply of quality and on time delivered products.

Our customers are mostly small and medium size manufacturers working in various industries: electronics, furniture, construction, furnishings, home appliances, toys, gardening and many others.

We cooperate also with wholesalers for final products, like packing and office materials, garden products, etc.

Our offer consists of wide range of plastic elements made by extrusion or injection that are used fore various industries: Furniture
  • Furniture accessories
  • PVC window profiles
  • sealing
  • decorative profiles
  • skirting boards
Home appliance
  • casing and construction elements of electric appliances
Final products and others
  • PP and PET packing materials
  • Home appliances
  • Planters
  • Baby pushchairs parts
  • Toy parts
For production of elements and final products we use wide range of materials, standard and most advanced ones for example: PP, PA, PES, PE, PC, PPS, ABS, PET, PSU, PVC, HIPS, PEEK...

Thank to cooperation with many local and international manufacturers we are able to deliver products according to customers requirements. Please contact us directly for and enquiry.