PPZM Segromet Sp. z o.o.

Demolition, scraping, dismelting, recycling

Address details:

Str. Węgrowska 2
Poland, 08-300 Sokołów Podlaski

The core PPZM Segromet Sp. z o.o. business is acquisition of metal waste to produce raw scrap material. The company acquires waste on its own by providing a range of services for companies, institutions and individuals associated with:

- demolition and dismantling of enclosed structures,
- removal of post amortization industrial systems and equipment,
- recycling of construction waste,
- recultivation of rezoned industrial land,
- removal of structures damaged as a result of natural disasters,
- purchase of waste steel and non-ferrous metals,
- scrapping of vehicles and rolling stock taken out of service.

PPZM Segromet Sp. z o.o. is also a major supplier of raw scrap to steel mills and foundries, as well as producer of concrete and brick aggregates, components for alternative fuels and many other recyclable industrial materials.


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