OWS nv

Organic Waste System

Address details:

Str. Dok Noord 5
Belgium, B-9000 Ghent

Organic Waste Systems (OWS) is a private company under Belgian law, constituted in 1988 with a capital of 1.240.000 Euro. OWS is specialised in biological treatment of solid and semi-solid organic substrates by means of anaerobic digestion.

OWS has developed the DRANCO, SORDISEP and DRANCO-FARM processes.

OWS also offers lab and consulting services to various clients from the public and private sector. Consulting services are offered in the field of biodegradation and compostability, waste composition, waste separation, recycling, integrated waste management and related legislation in both Europe and the U.S. OWS also provides contract research laboratory testing services for the determination of biodegradability and compostability of plastics, packaging materials, consumer products, detergents, etc. under strict quality conditions.


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