Nordtek Packaging Ltd.

Packaging Company – we distribute packaging like: cosmetic jars, plastic bottles, airless, glass products, tubes, caps, pumps, fine mist sprayer and many more.

Address details:

Str. 30 Worthing road
United Kingdom, RH12 1SL Horsham

Description of activity
Our company has been distributing packaging materials since 1997. By now, we have helped thousands of companies with packaging implementation. Our clients include representatives of numerous industries - from small companies to large multinationals. We will help you in getting your products on store shelves with the most efficient packaging.
Our offer:
We provide thousands of products sourced from various packaging manufacturers worldwide. Browse through our extensive product range on our All In Packaging webshop, where you can also order packaging components immediately, directly from stock. Send us an inquiry and we will do everything that we can to help you!
Our newly launched Quality Discount Packaging program’s aim is to promote the re-use of packaging materials, which would otherwise be treated as waste. QDP sells surplus packaging produced by recognised manufacturers, at less than the usual market price. The QDP site shows the available quantities of items at real time. There is no minimum order: small or big quantities can be ordered online, and delivered swiftly from stock.

Our product categories:
Trigger sprayer
Foam pump
Plastic bottles
Glass products
Pill jar
Cardboard box
Food packaging
...and many more.


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