Nexcopolimer, based in Tarragona, Spain.

Address details:

Str. Av. Catalunya, 2
Spain, 43002 Tarragona

Nexcopolimer is a locally owned Spanish company with 25 years experience in the plastics trade. We deal internationally in raw materials, scrap plastic and plastics machinery. Our installations are based in Tarragona where we have excellent connections with the petrochemical industry. Tarragona itself is one of the most important petrochemical centres in the Mediterranean; companies established here include BASF, DOW, Repsol and Clariant. In an effort to diversify and branch out into new markets at present we are concentrating on the trade in Off-Grade materials, particularly Off-Grade PVC resin. So far, the results have been positive and, thanks to our efforts, our client base has recently expanded with the addition of customers in India, Pakistan, Vietnam, North Africa,Germany and Lithuania.