New-Ways Precise Mold & Plastic

New-Ways Precise Mold is a professional injection mould(plastic mold) manufacturers and plastic parts production provider in medical device, home appliance, industrial, auto, package and household goods etc.

Address details:

Str. No.1109 Wuzhong Boulevard, Wuzhong District
China, 215104 Suzhou

New-Ways Precise Mold & Plastic Co. Ltd is a company that provides plastic injection molding solutions, ranging from rapid injection molding to designing and manufacturing plastic injection tools. With New-Ways, you have options of building injection molds that suits to your program easily and fast to satisfy your requirements.
Through many years business with overseas business, New-Ways Precise Mold & Plastic Co. Ltd, had got a lot of rich experience in various fields – mostly in automotive and medical industries as well as in consumer products, electronic parts and others.
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