Neopack Sp. z o.o.

Packaging eps foam for mould production

Address details:

Str. Kaczencowa 27
Poland, 91-214 Lodz

The Limited Liability Company – NEOPACK – exist from 1998. From January 1st 2012 it began leasing compartments, machinery and equipment from PPHU Jacek Sukiennik company, which up until 31st December 2011 produced EPS packagings. Due to packagings production discontinuation in PPHU, with agreements with all the customers that PPHU Jacek Sukiennik supplied packagings to, NEOPACK sp. z o.o. started producing EPS packagings for large corporations of home appliances industry. All employees were taken over from PPHU, which due to their vast experience, guarantees keeping the former production qualities established by PPHU Jacek Sukiennik, as well as it solve doubts of large corporations in terms of punctuality of supplies produced by our company and the quality of cooperation between companies.
From 02-04-2012, NEOPACK broadened its range of operation due to leasing from PPHU Jacek Sukiennik its workshop division of production plant (from then NEOPACK is leasing whole production plant located on 27 Kaczencowa street in Lodz, Poland). Due to this decision it is now offering services in terms of producing moulds for EPS packagings’ production and offers external workshop services for Customers. It also enlarged its employment by taking over all PPHU Jacek Sukiennik’s workshop employees.
From June 2012, NEOPACK company began producing EPS shoring board, ideally fit for monolithic beam-block constructions, for which it leases both the machinery and patenting from PPHU Jacek Sukiennik company.