Neo Group

PET resin manufacturer

Address details:

Str. Konstitucijos ave. 7
Lithuania, 09308 Vilnius

Neo Group is one of the largest European suppliers of high-quality PET resin for consumer packaging of various kinds.

Production facilities of Neo Group are located in Klaipeda (Lithuania).

Lithuania is situated between European countries and developing markets of CIS. In commercial terms this position gives many advantages. The plant is located near the non-freezing seaport, that’s why we may arrange convenient transportation schemes including sea transport.

The first production line was run in October 2005. Its capacity is 154 thousand tons per year. After the run of the second production line the plant production capacity will reach 308 thousand tons per year. At that time the production capacity of the plant would be one of the top three largest in Europe.

Preparation for the third production line construction started. The run of the line is planned by 2008. The plant capacity will be increased to 462 thousand tons and it will become the largest European plant and one of the top three world largest PET-plants.

Equipment and technologies for Klaipeda plant are supplied by the company Zimmer AG, the world leading engineering company working in the field of construction of polymer production facilities.

Neo Group plant is very important for the economy of the country as it allows developing the real sector of the economy. Petrochemical plants that produce consumer goods are very important for all the countries of the EU. In terms of Lithuania’s competitiveness increase in the EU the plant is also very important.

More than 500 new working places were created, the best part of the positions was taken by local specialists. After the planned production capacity is reached it will become one of the largest taxpayers in the country.