Natpet (National Petrochemical Industries Company)

Global Polypropylene Specialist

Address details:

Str. Andalus Road Future Commercial Center
Saudi Arabia, 21497 Jeddah

National Petrochemical Industrial Company, a petrochemicals company, produces a range of polypropylene product mix of homopolymers and random heterophasic copolymers. It offers homopolymers for BOPP, metalized, food and textile packaging, and water and quenched tubular films; solid phase thermoforming sheets, house wares, toys, small appliance parts, components for automotive industry, furniture, crates, closures, containers, bulk continuous filaments, continuous filaments, and staple fibers; raffia, injection molding, extrusion, and carpet and upholstery applications; and packaging for hosiery, shirts, other textiles, and shopping bags. The company provides random heterophasic copolymers for thin-walled injection molding and injection molding applications; and furniture, sport and leisure goods, house-wares, thin-walled articles for food and non-food applications, video cassette cases, cap and lids, toys, TWIM food containers, and consumer packaging. National Petrochemical Industrial Company serves customers in Saudi Arabia, GCC, Turkey, and other Middle East markets. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. National Petrochemical Industrial Company operates as a subsidiary of Alujain Corporation.