Production of bags for garbage

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Str. sovetskay 56
Russia, 249191 Zhukow

Group of manufacturing companies MIRPACK (today is the 5 companies)- founded in 1998 on the basis of imported equipment for production of film production of a wide profile, at the moment, the volume of production is 450 tons.
We produce:

Bags under the debris from the IPA under its own brand MIRPACK 56 species from 20 to 240 litres and LDPE various sizes from 20 to 240 litres,any cvetanovski use of data bags are not only for cleaning garbage but also the packaging and transportation of the goods or other goods. Depending on the density of all bags and packages are divided into domestic, plain or reinforced. There is also a kind of packages and bags of high density can make punctures, and blows from sharp objects, such kind of products is ideal for construction and other waste with guaranteed resistance to punctures and severity over 100 kg


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