Company D.o.o ,,Micro-Pak’’ is engaged in a production of deficit products which are  suitable for use in pharmacy, food processing and chemical industry

Address details:

Str. Bele Gabrića 13.
Serbia, 24000 Subotica

D.o.o. ,,Micro-Pak'' was established in 2002., as private company and one of the leading  in region in manufacturing mini PET packs, in other words deficit products which are suitable for use in pharmacy, food processing and chemical industry. They are used in packing of aromas, dissolves (water, alcohol, oil), paints, inks, alcohol, acetone, hydrogenised dissolves, glycerin, pharmacy gasoline, cosmetics and all small modern packings.
In our own production department, thanks to non-stopping improvements and machines of newer generation, we can satisfy demands of potential purchaser of our products, in quality and quantity.


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