Metria Sp. z o.o.

We specialize in plastics processing (rotomolding - rotomoulding) and industrial automation products.

Address details:

Str. Traugutta 40 lok. 14F
Poland, 26-600 Radom

We offer full service in the field of rotational molding (rotomoulding) and automation:
Rotomoulding (rotational molding):
- Sewage treatment plants (biological and drainage)
- Wells (sewerage, telecommunications, pumping stations, armature, shafts)
- Tanks (diesel, heating oil, pumps stations, Ad blue, chemicals, water, etc.)
- Tanks for rainwater,
- Pumping stations (household and for wastewater treatment),
- Road barriers,
- Containers for sand and salt,
- Custom moulding.

- Monitoring,
- Telemetry,
- Control systems,
- Control cabinets.

Rotational molding (rotational molding) services:
- Design of products for rotomolding,
- Design and construction of aluminum and steel molds,
- Services of rotation (rotational molding) molds products by customers, including additional treatment components and assemble any additional components