Recycling, waste paper, plastic

Address details:

Str. Kwiatowa 23
Poland, 55-330 Żródła

Activity description

The company Mak-Pol located near Wrocław has been present on the recycling industry since 20 years. Specialises in waste paper and synthetic materials recycling.

An innovative equipment, newly built buildings, car weights and an perfectly fitted to such business activity area ensure comfort and suitable infrastructure to our customers and business partners supporting long-term cooperation.  

Since 2015 a new investment backed with EU’s Regional Funds Program has been taking place. 

If your company is:

  • a printing-house
  • a production or services company
  • a wholesaler
  • a local community office
  • a public office
  • an office
  • a school

Mak-Pol as a local partner that understands the reality of leading a company and recycling management in Poland, will help you to solve your waste materials management issues.

Business partners will receive:

  • highest quality sorted waste paper and plastic materials
  • delivery of the product in an expected form
  • flexible cooperation model
  • high responsiveness and professionality


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