Majolika Henryk Gliniecki P.P.H.

Producer of carrier bags with individual print, producer of foil products LDPE, HDPE, MDPE,

Address details:

Str. Dywizjonu 303 33E/53
Poland, 80-462 Gdańsk

We offer products for individual orders:
Top-quality carrier bags, bags, belts, sleeves, half-sleeves of polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE) with or without individual print. Bags in all types: T-shirt (t-shirt), market (DKT), ear (soft-loop). We print using technology: flexographic (polymer matrices) and intaglio (steel matrices). We offer oxy-biodegradable products with the special ingredient that accelerates their decomposition. Under the influence of the weather (the air, light, water and soil), the decomposition process is initiated in the period 60-180 days, and the total decomposition occurs over several years.
We take care of a professional service to our customers building long-term business relationships based on mutual trust. We guarantee that our products have the best value to money ratio.

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