Egypt's leading recycler of post-use plastics

Address details:

Str. Smella 31756 - Koutour - Elgharbya
Egypt, 31756 Tanta

Let me first of all introduce our selves as Egypt's leading recycler of post-use plastics with abilities still quite unique in Egypt. Our philosophy is to supply specified recycled compounds that supplant prime in wide range of applications while supporting the customer's requirements on fitness for purpose continuity of supply cost and the environment.

Formed in 1995 in the unique place of Egypt which has great place for shipping to Europe in fast times without import duties the task was to provide a unique recycling ability for post-consumer plastic products. Since that time ongoing process development has allowed the plant to become highly proficient in the recycling of a wide range of rigid plastics especially in polyethylene and polypropylene PET polystyrene both industrial and post-use in origin.