Lema is the biggest Soft PCV products manufacturer in Poland. Founded in 1997, our company offers printing services and manufactures promotional merchandise.

Address details:

Str. Romanowicza 2/440
Poland, 30-702 Kraków

We offer:

Soft PCV promotional gifts - designing and manufacturing of Soft PCV promotional items, including: zippers, key chains, clothing labels, mobile phone jewellery, bar mats, magnets, pins and many more.
Lenticular printing: dynamic and 3D effects – designing and manufacturing promotional items using the technology of lenticular print, which makes it possible to obtain a three dimensional, morphing or movement effects on a thin, flat print. The gifts we offer include shelf liners, wobblers, covers, blacklit posters, packaging, postcards and more.
Promotional gifts printed on plastic surfaces (PP and PCV) – we offer both offset and screen printing. The offer includes shelf liners, wobblers, covers, blacklit posters, packaging postcards and many other items.
Looney Tunes stationery under the Warner Bros. license.
Fimo Candle Holders – glass candle holders decorated with unique pictures and famous paintings reproductions. Thanks to a similar to venetian glass decorating technique those holders look like small stained glass art pieces and are a fabulous gift for everyone.

We guarantee professional and comprehensive service – starting with a project design, through creation of a prototype and to final production. All stages of the process take place in Poland which makes it possible for us to fill your order really quickly. The prototype is ready within 2 days after the order has been placed. To see our products and learn more about the offer visit our website: http://www.lema3d.com


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