Larissa Gems, LLC DBA: Recycling Plastics and Metals

Trading firm specializing in post industrial recycling

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Str. 1201 North Orange Street
United States of America, 19801 Wilmington

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Experience: We have exported hundreds of containers of recycled plastics to China and India.

Expertise: Our list of satisfied clients include:
Our list of satisfied clients include:
The world's largest financial news bureau
A jet aircraft manufacturing facility with 2000 employees
Multiple food and beverage distribution facilities
Retail drug chain distribution facilities
Investment banks
Recycling companies
A Caribbean Power Authority (subcontractor) recycling two power plants, including a nuclear reactor core
Multiple construction and waste management companies

Consistent and Stable: At this point we are able to buy and sell as much material as your organization can generate/consume. Whether you have one load of material per month or thirty loads, we can purchase and sell the materials.

A member of management sat on the Solid Waste Advisory Board for New York City.

References are available upon request.