Kenmold Tianxia Co.,Ltd of Ningbo

Injection mold, mold tooling

Address details:

Str. Building F-G, No.18 Ke Yuan Bei Lu, Ke Ji Yuan Qu, Ninghai
China, 315600 Ningbo

Kenmold specialize in mold tooling, plastic and rubber molding, die casting and finished products requested by customers; Our products which are exported worldwide include automotive, electrical/electronic, appliances, industry, packaging and medical part; Until now, we have cooperated with a lot of big customers such as Toyota, BMW, Sumgsun etc,.

Kenmold's core competence is fast response to our customers, being flexibility of customer requirements and competitive price for the quality service of mold tooling, molding and product innovation;

The field we involves; Automotives, medical parts, plastic molding, mold tooling, die casting molding, plastic parts;