John & Jenny TCM College

We offer both Traditional Chinese Medicines & Acupuncture Programs to help students pursue their career as registered professionals.

Address details:

Str. 80 Acadia Avenue #105
Canada, L3R 9V1 Markham

If you are looking to get admission in TCM or acupuncture program; let John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College be the place of study for all TCM programs that are absolutely offered here. Despite TCM program, we offer various courses focusing on different TCM fields. No matter whether you learn full TCM program or take part in small courses, our target is to make you perfect in the field of hands-on practices. You have chance to learn everything about medicine programs with the help of our professor’s guide.

Join us and see what two to three years at John & Jenny TCM can do for you!

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Phone: (905) 943-7298