JSC Gerove

Plastic packaging manufacturer and recycler

Address details:

Str. Draugystes g. 19
Lithuania, 51230 Kaunas

Packaging Emigration is one of the largest polyethylene products producer, recycler and wholesale operator in the Baltic States, based in Kaunas, Lithuania. The service designed especially for export is owned by JSC "Gerove" (www.maiseliai.lt). We work for packaging materials distributors, importers and are able to provide efficient and eco-responsible packaging, packaging re-sale, import and export solutions in European Union.
We are able to offer best conditions in pricing, service, warehousing, logistic and post-sales service as we own production and recycling capacities. We are also able to find production partner locally and speak most of European languages. Our goal is to keep the planet alive via working in the most efficient way and still having comfort provided by packaging. Contact us!
Packaging Emigration is an official European Union importer of polyethylene waste with recycling task (TIPK Certificate No. 1/428,2006 06 16). We own the full process from waste collection to sales of recycled raw materials (with required certificates).


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