Iran Plast

Packaging industry and waste management

Address details:

Str. Unit 5, No 15, Toopchi Alley, Sohrevardi Shomali Street,
Iran, 15875/4587 Tehran

IranPlast - known locally as Parizad Inc. - with over 18 years of remarkable experience in Packaging Industries as well as Waste Management, is a notable Middle-Eastern group of plastic suppliers that incorporates three plastic manufacturing sites, specialized in Plastic Pallets and Plastic Waste Containers for different usages.

Utilizing the latest well-known branded Machinery, having access to vast resources of Polymeric material, parallel to the strict application of global quality standards has allowed IranPlast to proactively locate and deliver the right product, while being responsive to customers’ and suppliers’ concerns.

Fresh technical knowledge, detailed market analyses, accomplished R&D department and most importantly a customer oriented attitude enables IranPlast to take customers’ and suppliers’ little concerns seriously and has the flexibility to be creative in meeting precise specifications related to product design, material, molding, etc. as well as market and investment consultations.

Doing our job well at IranPlast, is what makes all efforts worthwhile and keeps customers and suppliers coming back.