Intco Recycling

EPS recycling and GreenMax compactor

Address details:

Str. Yandun street
China, 212132 zhenjiang

Activity description

INTCO recycling is a big company in China, which recycles EPS and manufactures GreenMax cold compactor and hot melter.
We are the biggest end user of EPS scrap in China and every month we buy 3000 tons of scrap. Then we use the scrap to make pellets, the pellets will be used to make decoration frames. So we will have some pellets left, we can sell them at an attractive price.
About the machine, our compactor can solve EPS/EPE/EPP/PET BOTTLE/PET FILM/AL CAN/CARTON, which can decrease the space and dewater them.
We are willing to cooperate in any kind of way.