Industrial Brush Manufacturers Sp. z o.o.

“Industrial Brush Manufacturers” is an international B2B enterprise, involved in the production of a wide range of brushes for cleaning surfaces.

Address details:

Str. Polna 21A
Poland, 55-300 Komorniki

TecSolum – A few words about us

The company “Industrial Brush Manufacturers”  is operating under the brand name ‘TecSolum’. This is a combination of ‘technology’ – TEC, which indicates our modern and advanced production technologies, and SOLUM (a Latin word), which means a strong base. This base is constituted by the shareholder companies’ many years of experience in this business area, modern machine park, as well as a group of employees – managers, specialists, engineers and operators, dedicated to perform at their best for the benefit of the customers and the company.