Hong Kong Wish Mold Ind. Ltd.

Mold Making for Plastics & Rubbers & Die Casting,Injection Moulding For Plastics & Rubbers

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Str. No.168,Honghu Road,Yanchuan Village,Songgang
China, 518105 Shenzhen

With rich experience(more than 10 years) in mould manufacture/tooling manufacture,such as plastic mould,injection mould,precision plastic injection mould ,die casting mold,two-shot mould,over mould,insert mould,etc,Wish Mold is a professional mould company/mould maker in Shenzhen,Guangdong,China which specializes in Design Engineering;Mould Making;Plastic Injection Moulding & Production;Precision Machining; for autos/cars(automotive,auto parts),electronic products(connector,gear,etc),household appliances,sports leisure,medical devices,communication equipments etc.also strictly commited to DME,Hasco mold standards