Hanyang ZAS Sp. z o.o.

Plastics Processing & Painting

Address details:

Str. Warszawska 72
Poland, 82-300 Elbląg

Hanyang ZAS is company with 38 years of experience in comprehensive manufacturing (production-painting-assembling) of thermoplastics goods.

We transform many materials, like: Constructional materials (Polyamide PA, Polyoxymethylene POM), Propylene PP, ABS, Polystyrene PS and transparent materials - PMMA, PC. We specialize in:
  • Injection moulding
  • Painting,
  • Assembly.
INJECTIONOur production hall is equipped with 47 injection moulding machines with clamping force from 75 to 1300 tons. We can produce approximately 170 thousand pieces of varied details daily. The machine park gives us huge possibilities to manufacture big size goods, with basic weight up to 6570 grams, as well as the small ones, produced with the use of of 40 – cavities moulds.
PAINT SHOPOur company has a modern paint shop, adjusted to paint elements of different shapes and dimensions. We paint not only our products, but also our clients’ goods, using the spraying method for application of water-soluble and solvent paints and lacquers. As a additional technology we use dabbing method. We have 2 painting lines, including one fully automated, equipped with:
  • 3 FANUC robots with six axes,
  • Automatic paint supply system (improving painting repeatability,
  • Automatic water purification system.
Every line is equipped with chambers, driers, common unit of air supply, as well as combustion unit for gas products.

Since we bought spectrophotometer we can precisely define paint’s colour, as well as check it in the cabin for color evaluation.ASSEMBLYAssembly process in our company is manual and semi-automatic. We have necessary equipment for assembling plastic elements (ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding, vibrating welding, gluing) as well as metal elements (spot welding, hot welding, cold welding, arc welding). TOOL SHOPThe company has a tool-shop, what enable us to assure comprehensive care over entrusted to us tools and injection moulds. Our engineers in conjunction with software like Solid Edge (CAD) and SPRUT (CAM) give us ability to quick and efficient tools regeneration and routine repairs.

In December 2004 we’ve obtained for the first time certificate for Quality System ISO 9001:2000, and in January 2006 certificate ISO TS 16949. Endless work over quality improvement effects with continuous upholding of received certificates.

We supply high quality products for various branches of economy, mainly for:
  • automotive industry – mirrors (outsider and inside), outsider and inside door handles, glove and deposit boxes, trunk lid and tailgate handles, different trims, garnishes and covers, seats elements, fuel filler doors, surge water tanks, mudguards, I/P duct ventilators, steering wheels, and many others,
  • household goods line – garden boxes, household containers, industrial buckets, baskets incl. laundry baskets, waste-baskets, bed rollers, shopping baskets, drawer organizers, cutlery trays, mixing bowls, food containers, dish drainers, etc.


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