Hägglunds Drives AB

Hydraulic motors and drive systems for plastic industry

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Str. 42 Mellansel
Sweden, SE-890 Mellansel

Mixing power and performance

Tough compounds require a tough drive – and the highest degree of process control.

Hägglunds drives prevent shock loads and stalls from spelling disaster, thanks to a gearless design that won’t overheat. With full control of speed and torque, they let you optimise your production for both today’s compounds and tomorrow’s.

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Injection Moulding

In perfect form. With their small dimensions and high degree of efficiency, hydraulic motors from Hägglunds are the perfect choice for extruder drive in larger plastic injection moulding machines. In addition to offering low weight and space-saving advantages, they ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Hägglunds motors come in a wide range of displacements, and all of them feature a rugged, modular design. The motors hollow shaft connection, with a minimum of mounting interfaces, let you achieve the best possible engineering solutions.