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Lifting magnets, magnet chuck manufacturer

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Str. Liyu Industrial Park,Tianyuan District
China, 421007 Zhuzhou

HVR Magnetics Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of lifting magnets, magnetic separators and related products. You will find a qualified magnetic solution for lifting system,workholding,material handling,separation.We offer customer products from prototype to quantity production, helping them achieve the most effective using our products.

A complete range of our products:
Lifting magnets
Permanent lifting magnets
Electro lifting magnets
Electro-Permanent lifting Magnets
Battery lifting magnets
Accessories for lifting magnets
Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

At HVR Magnetics Co.,Ltd, you'll find:
Dependable, long-lasting products
Fast, reliable delivery time
Knowledgeable customer service
Competitive prices
Expert technical support

We are committed to developing a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial magnetic equipment
We are Honest, we are Vigorous, we are your Reliable partner.