a technology leader for the chemical industry, produces butadiene (BDO) from renewable feedstock

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Str. 10520 Wateridge Circle
United States of America, CA 92121 San Diego

Genomatica is a technology leader for the chemical industry. We deliver new, transformative manufacturing processes that enable our partners to produce intermediate and basic chemicals from renewable feedstocks. These chemicals serve as the basis for making substantially all of the products that make modern life possible, and our processes enable the production of the exact same intermediate and basic chemicals that are at the core of the chemical industry.

We are developing a pipeline of manufacturing processes for the production of these chemicals, including our first target chemical, butanediol, or BDO, and our second target chemical, butadiene. We expect the first commercial-scale BDO plant that utilizes our processes to begin production in 2013, at a plant owned and operated by one of our industry partners, Novamo.

In 2011, Genomatica’s technology was recognized with the U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.