General Plastic s.r.o.

Crushing of PET bottles, Washing of crushed flocks, Regarnulation

Address details:

Str. Priemyselný areál 3677
Slovakia, 946 03 Kolárovo

Company General Plastic s.r.o. was founded in May 2002 by purpose to ensure the recycling of PET bottles in Slovak republic.

Twelve thousand tonnes of PET sewage is produced yearly in Slovak republic, from this our company is able to recycle from 7000 to 9000 tonnes yearly. Shopping of PET bottles in Slovak republic we insure with our bussine agents, who are disposable whenever.

Our factory is situated in the industrial area in town Kolárovo / on the south - west of Slovakia, cca 100 km from the capital Bratislava/ on extent 3, 5 hectares. Company employs 40 people.

Three working processes include:1/ Crushing of PET bottles - is in progress on two hoggers with a total capacity 1300 kg/h. 2/ Washing of crushed flocks - washing of crushed Pet in in progress in a high - density machine , with a capacity 1000 - 1400 kg/h, where the warm water is used with no chemical agents. 3/ Regarnulation - it is the last step of recycling, a pure crushed material is put into the regarnule machine, where at the temperature of 280°C and at force of 160 bar we get regranule in amorphous form. This form of regranule can serve as a raw material for textile industry for drawing of fibre. Another progress is crystalization, which is the part of polycondensation. At the temperature of 200 °C and at force of 0 bar the material gets a final form and a required quality.

Our company in this stage is the only one in the central Europe in the area of recycling and processing of PET bottles on first class regranule.
The intent of our company is to achieve and utilize by us producted regranule in the form of production of preforms.