Fontijne Grotnes

Fontijne Grotnes is an international technology leader in a wide range of market segments all throughout the world. The company has an impressive history and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.

Address details:

Str. Industrieweg 21
Netherlands, 3130 EE Vlaardingen

For more than 80 years, Fontijne Grotnes hydraulic laboratory Platen Presses have been used in the polymer processing, rubber, and composites industry. The presses are utilized as sample preparation equipment and small production processes for: Quality control, Research and Materials development.

Series of hydraulic presses in the range of 50 up to 1000 kN are offered. The presses can be either manually operated with cold press platens where only press force is needed, up to fully automatic versions, PC-controlled and with process monitoring with press platens heated to 450 degrees.

Fontijne Presses offers:
- LabEcon series: for basic pressing operations
- LabPro series: for customer specific applications

Design elements:
- The press frame provides an ergonomic mode of operation because of the 2 columns press frame.
- The Press Platens are equipped with electrical cartridge heating elements and cooling channels, which make it possible to heat-up and cool down the product. The newly designed platens guarantees an accurate temperature distribution over the platen surface.
- The hydraulic unit with dual integrated pumps ensure fast closing and accurate pressing and adjust the pressure automatically to maintain a stable press force on the sample product.