Febus Auto

Febus Auto - part of the distribution channel of ExxonMobil Polska Ltd.

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Str. Zbąszyńska 2
Poland, 91-342 Łódź

Febus Auto Limited was established in 1992. In its early days it was focused on wholesale
of car care products. It was a defining moment in the history of our company when we became an authorized distributor of the oil-company Esso in 1993.

After the brand merger between Esso and Mobil, Febus-Auto has been a part of the distribution channel of ExxonMobil Polska. Thanks to that our company began to rapidly develop and moved towards lubricant market.

The fact that our products are made by the most reputable and the largest oil company in the world was a major contributor to our success. Looking back in time we are convinced that our lubricants consistently and continuously met expectations of our Clients in various complex technological and manufacturing processes.

Apart from lubricants we also offer car-care products and car accessories of the leading brands in the world. Among them there are products used both for washing and protection of cars as well as fuel additives. In the portfolio of our accessories we offer a broad range of bulbs and windscreen wipers. In addition to that as part of our own AutoLine brand we offer coolant fluids as well as screen washing and defrosting liquids. Professional customer service, high-quality products and experienced employees are the key reasons why our Clients place us among the most reliable and proven business partners.

There is a long list of partners who trusted us and decided to do business with us - among them: car dealers, gas stations, automotive stores, car and truck workshops and manufacturing companies from an extremely diversified production sector. In 2007 Febus-Auto Ltd. moved its headquarters to Lodz at Zbaszynska 2 street. Our branch in Torun also changed its location to Wapienna 6/8 street.

An infrastructure in the new locations improved company's image and made our services more comfortable for the Clients. We have got our own tax warehouse which makes it easy for our Clients to purchase with a suspended excise. We keep the right amount of products in stock to ensure their availability for our Clients.

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