Elastogran GmbH

Leaders in the field of the speciality plastic material polyurethane

Address details:

Str. Elastogranstraße 60
Germany, D-49448 Lemförde

The Elastogran Group is one of the leaders in the field of the speciality plastic material polyurethane, PU for short. For more than 40 years the BASF subsidiary has been operating highly successfully in the market. As a result it has developed from a creative small business to a Europe-wide operating market and innovation leader for PU specialties. The head office at Lemförde, Lower Saxony/Germany, hosts the Technology Centre for BASF polyurethanes worldwide. The Elastogran product portfolio comprises high-quality PU basic products,
PU systems
PU special elastomers.
In the field of special elastomers and PU systems Elastogran is the market and technology leader world-wide.


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