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Rotation moulds are generally designed and built to produce single piece plastic hollow shapes in either simple or complex forms. These are usually suited to produce larger items with lower production quantity requirements. Rotation moulds can give the additional benefit of lower tooling costs (if compared to injection moulding for example) The possibilities of what a rotation mould can produce can be endless. With ECOSINPLAST expertise and know-how it is often possible to design and build multiple part moulds so as to produce for example a container and its respective lid together in one mould. This of course reduces the need of further separate tooling and reduces production costs


General desicription :
Steel moulds are generally produced from 3mm plate within an integral mounting frame in a minimum of 2 halves (depending on the application). This is basically an upper and lower part being joined via a flange plate with location pins and clamps

The lower part is fixed to the arm of the rotation machine with the upper part being removable enabling access to the inside of the mould for the loading of the polymer and for removal of the final moulded plastic part

Each mould design has to have careful consideration to the final complex product shape and ease of use of the mould.

The steel plates that make up the shape of the mould are first laser cut (CAD-CAM) and then carefully formed by hand by our skilled ECOSINPLAST craftsmen into the required shape and fully welded on the inside and finally ground to a smooth finish

The final choice of internal finish to the mould is dependant on the application and can vary from a sand/glass/grit blasted finish to various levels of industrial polishing


Project Engineering
Each mould is fully project engineered by ECOSINPLAST from the initial quotation to final shipment with all aspects of the mould being carefully discussed, agreed and approved step by step with the customer. Where necessary, ECOSINPLAST can advise or help the customer with design recommendations, (or changes) to the final plastic product to help suit the design of the product for rotation moulding

Our qualified and experienced ECOSINPLAST design team will design the mould around a 3D model of the plastic part to be produced. The 3D model of the plastic part can be supplied either by the customer or produced in-house by us. ECOSINPLAST will produce an initial set of mould drawings showing all necessary parameters for final approval by the customer. From here the production can commence.

Rotation-moulded, parts can be produced economically in a variety of shapes and sizes, most of which would be difficult to produce by any other process. Rotation moulds can be produced to suit most applications no matter how complicated with many examples as follows:

• General containers and lids
• Portable toilets
• Industrial containers for general waste, glass (bottle banks), paper and plastic
• Igloo containers
• Water treatment containers and reservoirs
• Underground containers (fully ribbed) with man holes
• Ribbed pipe fittings and connectors
• Garden furniture
• The possibilities are endless

In addition to rotation moulds, ECOSINPLAST continues enjoying a high volume of steelwork which is generally in the form of galvanised/zinc coated black steel. We serve many industries and also those related to our rotation mould division where we produce frameworks and accessories related to the plastic parts moulded by our customers

Our workshop is fully equipped covering most aspects of frame and sheet metal production:
• Cutting (sheet metals and profiles)
• Sheet metal bending
• Sheet metal rolling
• Pipe and profile bending
• Drilling
• Turning
• Welding (MIG) : x6 welding booths