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KT BOARD signage foam advertising POP cutter plotter cutting machine
More and more companies starting to focus on popularity and publicity in the 21st century. seeking personalized style of show business and culture.
Using new novel irregular shapes for high-end advertising material.
International advertising industry is developing rapidly.Variety of high-tech materials are widely used
Selecting professional advertising material flat bed cutting machine to meet automated ad production
AOKE flat bed cutter machine can cut signage,KT BOARD,foam,sponge,PVC crust foam board,corrugated,cardboard,decal,coated paper, printing cloth, fabric,,leather synthetic material and so on.
Cutting a wide range of characters, graphics and models according to the CAD, Illustrator design.


improve the cutting speed
more exquisite compare with traditional handwork
unique advantage for processing of special material
high cutting precision, high speed, lower labor costs, fast delivery for complex graphics design
Equivalent to die cut effect, ensure cutting material is no black, no scorch and edge smooth.
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