Donati Decori

In Mould Labelling

Address details:

Str. Via Lucca, 15
Italy, 29122 Piacenza

The Company was incorporated in 1952 and from the very beginning the production was focused on the decoration of almost all plastic items.

Now we are world leader in the production of FIM - Film Insert Moulding - IML - In Mould Labels and IMD - In Mould Decoration - mainly for durable goods.With our labels, plastic products are anti-scratch proof as well as protected against UV rays and wheather action for a wide number of years accordingly with customers' specifications.Our labels and films are printed in Rotogravure, in Flexography or in Offset and can decorate any kind of plastic objects, even curved or concave.

We work with every kind of plastic materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, HDPE, Polystirene, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyester, PET, Methacrilate......

We produce decorations for Garden and Advertising Furniture, Promotional Items ( display racks, trays, glasses... ) Household ( dishes, glasses,trays, carafes...), White Goods Industry, Automotive, Toys, Building Industry ( Tiles, Panels... ) Returnable Packaging ( Beer and Beverage Crates, Pallets.. )

We create marble, stone, mosaic, wood and several other effects based on our or customer's designs.

For non durable packaging we produce In Mould Labels Offset printed to label buckets or food packaging tubs.

Today Donati exports in 30 Countries in all continents, day by day strenghtening its own market leader identity as the specialist in decoration for all plastic goods, with a steady product and process innovation and a constant attention to customers and market needs.