Denton Plastics Inc.

Plastics waste reduction

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Str. 18811 NE San Rafael St.
, OR 97230 Portland

Denton Plastics is an innovative leader in plastics waste reduction, serving customers around the globe with our cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Most importantly, our commitment to making a positive difference in the world remains as strong as ever.

or more than 20 years, we've been building relationships with customers in China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Central America and beyond. We visit our customers often and have a clear understanding of international loading and shipping requirements. Most of all, we are known for the quality of scrap and reprocessed materials we deliver overseas.

To date, we have exported more than 40 types of plastics. Our facility is located directly on a rail line with easy access to West Coast ports. Denton Plastics is the right company to serve your operations, no matter where they are.